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Port el Kantaoui Things To Do

Port el Kantaoui Things To Do,Port El Kantaoui is one of Tunisia’s best destinations for summer sun, and makes for a fantastic holiday any time of the year. Things here are wonderfully familiar too, but it is all with a sense of the exotic, helped in no small part by the very clear Moorish influence.

Port el Kantaoui Things To Do

Port el Kantaoui Things To Do


Walk the entire marina.

Might sound odd, but some people give up half way because of the crowds but walk all round the marina to the far  sides, the entrance areas get very crowded with lots of hassling but if you take the left route at the very end you will find very quiet good priced clothes shops while the right route offers quieter bars.


Have a drink at one of these bars on the far side of the marina look for where the locals are.  

Les maisons plage

Take a wander through the low complex of holiday apartments next to the marina they lead right on the beach and get the best views; at night they are so peaceful, one minute your in the hustle and bustle of the marina the next on an empty beach – visit the magazin general near the marina entrance and bring some cold drinks with you.

Best time

Visit dusk 7ish and catch the dancing fountains in the main shopping area or late evening 10ish when its quieter.

MUST visit the Hawaii Centre (out of PKantoui heading away from Sousse)

Get a taxi out of Port el kantoui and ask to head towards the Royal Kenz hotel, on the left of the road about 5mins taxi drive (15mins walk) from PK is the Hawaii centre, the local name is something different but it’s easy to recognise as neon lights spell Hawaii on top.  This is not a government shop but it is fixed price on three floors, the staff are lovely they don’t hassle you, they give you free sweets and the prices are even better than the medina


with your back to these marina in Port el Kantaoui Things To Do, big market suppermarket is on the right, large store selling clothes, dairy, fruit and veg, gifts, postcards, soft drinks,leather goods, fixed prices, the other two are to the left, one down the alley past the first one, a lot smaller selling general food, beer/spirits


Port el Kantaoui Things To Do,The offers of horse and camel rides and the tiny zoo in PK, the condition of the animals are terrible, many have sores and covered in flies and just wander in circles.

tourist trains to sousse, 2.5 dinar one way nice for a novel one off but more expensive and slower than taxis about 8 dinar by the meter.

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