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Best Places To Visit In California

This Articles is About Best Places To Visit In California Life is colorful so if you want to add colors to your life than the best way of doing that is by travelling to different places of world so that you would become well aware from the true meaning of life itself. California is an important state of the USA and itself is a very beautiful place if you are planning to visit California than there are some places to visit in California that probably you should not be missing at all otherwise, you would miss the real beauty that is hidden in this state of California

Places To Visit In California

Best Places To Visit In California

Yosemite falls

Yosemite falls are eye catching natural beauty. It is basically the highest fall in the Yosemite national park this fall is the center of attracting of the whole park. These falls look extremely adorable during the late spring due to the fact that water level rises at this time period. It seems like heaven on the earth.

Pfeiffer beach

                     In the Big Sur area there is the Pfeiffer beach which is of the beaten path, but its worth driving till that place. The sand and the cove are protected by the big rocky points. The waves crash around the rocks and give rise to low tides. The focal point of this beach is Key hole rock. Many travellers use to visit this beach the reason behind is that they want to watch the last day light which passes through it. The beach looks beautiful during the sunset dream place for professional photographers.

San Diego

                   This city is located at the coast of the Pacific Ocean it is commonly known as Americans finest city. San Diego is famous for its white sand beaches that cover many miles of its area. This city provide many fun festivals so people love travelling there are carnivals food festive any many amusement programs which is enjoyed by people of all ages and also this is place to visit california and also places to visit in southern california and cool places visit california and places to visit in northern california and romantic places visit california.

Muir woods

                 Muir woods known as redwood forest is the area that lies to the north of San Francisco and also best places in california. And is the one among the greatest tourist attraction. If you want to make your day unforgettable than Muir woods will help you in this regard. Walking among those tallest species of trees on earth where the sky of the forest is covered with the braches and leaves of the trees and small beam of light passing through it make you fell in love with the nature and also this is places to see in california or places to go in california or most beautiful places in california or also place to visit california.


Cathedral peak

               If you are a hiking lover than the perfect place for you is the cathedral peak. This is a really beautiful place in California and hiking there with friends and family is more of a fun and enjoyment. Getting to the top and by seeing the view all that tiredness just vanishes that is why it is the famous hiking spot and this is also places to go in california or places to see in california.

These are those extremely wonderful best places to visit in California that you don’t want to miss visiting and the memory that you would made by seeing these best places to visit in California with your eyes it would prove out to be the best memory that you ever had in your life.


Updated: August 9, 2017 — 10:54 am

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