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Best And Beautiful Places to Visit in Abbottabad

Here i will share beautiful places to visit in abbottabad or also abbottabad tourist places If u have ever come to abbottabad you must pay a visit to these worthseeing areas.It will definitely please And you will feel like You have come somewhere in Heaven and this is picnic places in abbottabad you can get more detail in travel ideas

places to visit in abbottabad

Places to visit only in Abbottabad

Shimla Hills Abbottabad

Shimla Hills

If you come to Abbottabad then you should not miss a trip to beautiful Shimla Hills to get over view of entire valley and nearby hill resorts and also this is abbottabad tourist places,Shimla Hills known as Shimla Pahari in local language is a hilly tourist destination in Abbottabad. Its on 10 kilometers drive away from these main Abbottabad city. Shimla Hills are surrounded by a beautiful green forest. These weather here is very pleasant in summer but a bit frosty and cold in summer. This place is best for hiking and mountain climbing. A retro public park was there but know due to negligence, that park is almost abandoned now. Jeep is best if you want to exlore this area on road. If you want to spend some days here, summer is these best time to travel here as most hotels and restaurants in the surrounding areas are opened during that time and the travelling conditions are also favorable because in winter there is more cold, chances of land sliding and road blockage in winter and this is best abbottabad tourist places

Harnoi Beautiful Places in Abbottabad

Harnoi Beautiful Places in Abbottabad

Abbottabad has many tourist spots but Harnoi is most famous and Beautiful Places in Abbottabad. It is situated about these 11 kilometers away from Abbottabad City center. Harnoi is surrounded by tall green mountains which have a lot of different species of trees and medical herbs. Cold water streams known as Nadi Dhorr in local language these main attraction for the tourists. No matter whatever the season cool northern breeze is flowing in this area all year around and more More Fun things to do in Abbottabad 

Muree Beautiful Places in Abbottabad or Best Places to Visit

Murree is best Places to Visit in Abbottabad and this city is located in the Province of Punjab is a beautiful city enclosed with astonishing snow. Murree is in a subdivision of Rawalpindi District and also consist of the Margalla Hills around Islamabad. Murree acts as a hub for Pakistani’s tourism sector. It is among the most preferred visited locations in Pakistan. Murree is also a famous holiday spot for honeymoon.

Murree was the summer capital of British India until Shimla was declared as the summer capital in 1864. Murree was early developed by Sir Henry Lawrence in 1851 and church was hallowed in 1857.


Nathia Gali Best Places to Visit in Abbottabad

Nathiagali is a mountain resort town or hill station in Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is a part of the Galyat range and also Nathia Gali Best Places to Visit in Abbottabad , where several hill-stations are situated, closely connected to each other, and with their names mostly ending in ‘Gali’ and best abbottabad tourist places

places to visit in abbottabad

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