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13 Most Beautiful Places on the Amalfi Coast

An insanely beautiful rugged stretch of coastline winding its way from Salerno to Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast is like nowhere else in the world. Spilling down the hillside to an azure champagne-like sea, its colorful, UNESCO-protected villages hemmed by soaring cliffs and intertwined with fragrant lemon groves, sparkle like charms on a bracelet. Steep, narrow […]

Where to Eat in Sibiu: 11 Best Gourmet Restaurants

Sibiu is a pretty unique Romanian city – charming, compact, and filled to the brim with wonderful things to do. It is, no doubt, one of Transylvania’s top attractions and probably the most beautiful and culturally rich town in Romania. But, aside from its robust year-round calendar of events and handsomely preserved Old Town dripping […]

7 Things To Do on a Beach Vacation in Romania

7 Things To Do on a Beach Vacation in Romania Stretching from the UNESCO-protected Danube Delta (in the north) all the way down to the Bulgarian border, Romania’s 194 km Black Sea coastline has something for everyone. Its varied resorts range from bohemian Vama Veche to posh, party-centric Mamaia, with lots of quiet, family-friendly destinations […]

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