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The 7 Best Places for a Winter Wedding

The 7 Best Places for a Winter Wedding The time for winter weddings is now, before they start becoming the norm and venues start to become unavailable. Why would anyone want to have a winter wedding, you may be asking yourself. Besides the beauty of the gently falling snow, twinkling lights and gorgeous white shawls the bridesmaids can wear; consider the untapped, breathtaking venues. From Canada to Sweden all the way to Iceland; these are the seven best places for a winter wedding. Don’t blame us when you want to switch your wedding date from summer to winter!

The 7 Best Places for a Winter Wedding

7. Swedish Ice Hotel -Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

From December to April, couples can say ‘I do’ here at the Swedish Ice Hotel, the world’s largest hotel made of ice and snow. The choices for ceremonies here include the Ice Church, one of the most unique locations in the world. Every year it is hand-carved by designers, different than the year before and can hold up to 40 guests. The walls and ceilings are made of snow while the altar details and benches are made of ice. If you are a civil ceremony, the majestic Main Hall or one of the hand-carved art suites are perfect. The extras here include hand carved ice blocks with your names in them, plenty of champagne and world-class food. Couples can spend the night huddled together in a luxury suite, snow room or anything in between. Don’t worry about being cold; this hotel has you covered with specialty sleeping bags made for two.


6. Budir, Iceland

If you are looking to be married in a beautiful yet desolate landscape, there is no better place for a winter wedding than Iceland. Hotel Budir is where you lovebirds will want to head as they offer an unforgettable wedding experience. Situated on the ocean front, the hotel is surrounded by a lava field with the Snaefellsjokul glacier in the background. The small, yet breathtaking church is located right beside the hotel although many people choose to get married on the white sandy beach or on the moss in the midst of the lavafield. After the ceremony guests and the couple will head to the hotel for dinner, the restaurant here is considered one of the most romantic restaurants in all of Iceland. The happy couple can book to stay in the one suite while all other guests can occupy the additional 27 rooms.

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