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5 Most Beautiful Castles in Germany

Most Beautiful Castles in Germany in travel To visit a German castle is to step into a fairy tale setting, where castles sit atop high mountain peaks, their towers and turrets reaching to the sky. Germany is famous for its castles, with their pasts filled with knights, dukes and the devastation of wars. The castles, which boast a rich history, have been restored to their former glory and, in some cases, are lived in by families of the founders. Their treasures include previous artifacts, paintings, furniture and weapons.

Most Beautiful Castles in Germany

 Mespelbrunn Castle

Castles in Germany

Castles in Germany Mespelbrunn Castle began as a simple beautiful house built on the water by an early 15th century knight.It is located within the Spessart forest between Frankfurt and Wurzburg, the castle may lack the gingerbread look of the other German castles, but its simple beauty makes it one of the most visited and popular water castles in Germany. Indeed, it has been described as one of the loveliest and awesome castles in Europe. This northern Bavaria castle is privately owned, but the family opens its doors to the tourists throughout the year. Taking a walk on the beautiful paths throughout the castle grounds is highly recommended by past visitors.



Castles in Germany, Wartburg Castle was founded in the 11th century, but also its fame dates from a few centuries later. Located in the Eisenach, Martin Luther hid out of here while he finished translating the Bible in the early 16th century. In the 20th century, Adolf Hitler wanted the castle to take it down its cross and replaced it with a swastika. One of the best preserved medieval castles in the Germany, visitors have the option of taking a hike up to a steep slope to reached the castle or take a shuttle bus ,Castles in Germany.

Lichtenstein Castle

Lichtenstein Castle

see the Lichtenstein Castle is one of the Germany’s newer castles, built only in the 19th century to the honor of the medieval knights of Lichtenstein. A castle stood on that site as early as the 12th century, but also fell into disrepair until the current castle was built, Castles in Germany.  It stands up boldly atop a hill, accessible by a stone bridge stretching to the another hill. Located in the Swabian Alps near to Honau, the Neo-Gothic castle is known for its vast collection of historic weapons and armor.

Schwerin Castle

Castles in Germany, Schwerin Castle sits on an island in the main lake at Schwerin, at where a castle reportedly stood as early as the 10th century. For many centuries, it was a home to the grand dukes of Mecklenburg. In the 20th century, it was a college for kindergarten teachers and a museum too. Today the castle serves as a museum and as a government beautifu building for the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state parliament. Visitors with an interest in the paranormal will always want to look for Petermännchen, the resident ghost who has been surly spotted wearing 17th century garb. The castle, with its many towers and turrets, is considered as a prime example of Europe’s historicist architecture.

 Heidelberg Castle

Castles in Germany, Heidelbeg castle is located 80 meters (260 ft) up to the northern part of a hillside, and to dominates the view of the old center of Heidelberg. The castle ruins are amongest and the most important Renaissance structures north of the Alps. It has had a long and the turbulent history since the earliest castle structure was built in the 13th century Castles in Germany. Having been totally destroyed during the Thirty Years of War, and later by the French in the 17th century, the castle was strucked by lightning in 1764 and even its stones were taken to the build new houses in Heidelberg. All the subsequent rebuilding has led to be a variety of architectural styles which adds to the castle’s charm.

Most Beautiful Castles in Germany

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