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8 Fantastic Free Things to Do in the Galapagos Islands

Vacationing in the Galapagos Islands is a dream shared by countless outdoor adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts. Like any vacation, a trip to this Darwinian dreamscape can be planned on a fairly limited budget, after all the biggest attractions are naturally occurring and available to anyone with a little ambition and a good pair of shoes. […]

The 7 Best Places for a Winter Wedding

The 7 Best Places for a Winter Wedding The time for winter weddings is now, before they start becoming the norm and venues start to become unavailable. Why would anyone want to have a winter wedding, you may be asking yourself. Besides the beauty of the gently falling snow, twinkling lights and gorgeous white shawls […]

10 Essential Cultural Tips for Traveling to Thailand

Traveling to Thailand,The beautiful country of Thailand is a backpackers dream, a retirees remote paradise, and generally speaking it’s the stuff travel dreams are made of. This exotic land is rich with tropical beauty, lively cities, and cultural history just waiting to be explored by adventurous travelers. It is also a place that is far different […]

5 Tips For a Perfect Yucatan Peninsula Vacation

5 Tips For a Perfect Yucatan Peninsula Vacation Ancient Mayan ruins, dreamy white sand beaches, and ice-cold margaritas – you’ll find them all in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico’s no. 1 tourist destination. Home to spectacular biosphere reserves and breathtaking underwater caves, this region is a nature lover’s paradise, while bustling markets and colorful colonial towns […]

13 Most Beautiful Places on the Amalfi Coast

An insanely beautiful rugged stretch of coastline winding its way from Salerno to Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast is like nowhere else in the world. Spilling down the hillside to an azure champagne-like sea, its colorful, UNESCO-protected villages hemmed by soaring cliffs and intertwined with fragrant lemon groves, sparkle like charms on a bracelet. Steep, narrow […]

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